The Miwatj Health Board of Directors

The Board of Miwatj Health meets 4 times a year. Their duties include overseeing the activities and affairs of Miwatj Health including strategy, planning and budgets.

Djuwalpi Marika – Chairperson – Yirrkala (Bulunu Ward)
Djuwalpi is a senior member of the Rirratjingu Clan, has lengthy experience in local government and is a prominent community leader. He is the vice Chairperson of East Arnhem Regional Council, Djuwalpi has a strong vision for his peoples future, to improve lifestyles and health outcomes, this is shown through his dedication to Miwatj Health as a director for 10 years.
Andrea Collins – Deputy Chairperson – Nhulunbuy (Bulunu Ward)
Andrea is an Aboriginal woman descendant of Gunggarri, Kuku-Yalanji, Yirrandali/Guwa nations, who has lived and worked in this region for 32 years. Andrea has a deep interest in Aboriginal health and other issues effecting her people, and during the early 2000’s Andrea was a chairperson of Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation for 3 years.
She continues to work closely with communities in the East Arnhem region, playing a significant leadership role linking community with Government officials.
Andrea has a distinguished career as a public servant and was awarded the Public Servant Medal on Australia Day 2019 for her commitment to Indigenous Affairs and outstanding public service through the improvement of outcome for Indigenous people.

Bulunu Ward:

Banamabi Wunungmurra – Yirrkala
Banambi has worked tirelessly for the Residents of East Arnhem Land, he was one of the founding directors of Miwatj Health who is continually advocating for the delivery and access to service and funding essential to the ongoing growth and improved conditions for the regions communities.
Timmy Burarrwanga – Yirrkala / Bawaka
Timmy is a prominent community member and holds many positions including Director of Lirrwi Yolngu Tourism Aboriginal Corporation, Director of Gumatj Corporation, and Managing Director of Bawaka Cultural Experiences Pty Ltd.

Dennis Wukun Wanambi – Yirrkala

Wukun works at the Mulka Projects in the Buku Larrnggay Arts Centre, he has established a high profile career as an artist and plays a crucial role in his family and as a community member. Wukun has a strong belief in the work of Miwatj Health and community control of Health centres.

Barra Ward:

John Morgan – Milingimbi
John is a Brinkin man from the Upper Daly Region who has lived in Milingimbi for over 20 years, during this time John has been a valued member of the Miwatj Health Board working tirelessly for the community and the East Arnhem Region. John has undertaken training and studies in area of governance, business, health and community services. He has worked in a variety of roles in the community, to do with legal aid, education, youth and men’s issues, sport and community services.
Serena Yirrininba Wunungmurra – Milingimbi
Serena Wunungmurra is supporter of community control health, she works within the community at Milingimbi School and is a valued community member.
David Yangarriny Munyarryun – Galiwin’ku
David is a prominent community member and a Cultural Mentor of Marthakal Homelands Association. David has been on the Miwatj Health Board for 12 years, his vision is to work with all Miwatj people for better health outcomes and a sustainable future for communities.
Ross Mandi Wunungmurra – Galiwin’ku
Ross is a prominent Elcho Island community member. This year Ross celebrated 22 years as a director of Miwatj Health, during this time Ross has been an advocate for better and sustainable health services for the East Arnhem Region.

Mamarika Ward:


Thomas Amagula – Angurugu
Thomas Amagula is a strong advocate for the people of his community, Groote Eylandt. Working with the Anindilyakwa Land Council, Thomas strives to empower others, he has a vision for better health services to the people of East Arnhem region.
Tony Wurramarrba – Angurugu
Tony is a respected community member, a traditional landowner and Chairperson of the Anindilyakwa Land Council. Tony works closely with numerous organisations and government departments to secure a sustainable future for his community for Groote Eylandt and the region.
Rhonda SimonRhonda Simon – Numbulwar
Rhonda is a dedicated Aboriginal Health Practitioner working in Numbulwar Clinic. Rhonda advocates for a strong Yolngu workforce and is a prominent member of Numbulwar community. This year Rhonda celebrated 20 years as a director with Miwatj Health.
Florence Murrungun- Numbulwar
 Roland Nundhirribala- Numbulwar

Independent Non-Voting Members

Bernie Yates
Bernie has a distinguished public service career and is a former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Bernie is a strong advocate for community control health care, he has been a member for Miwatj Health Board for 10 years.
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