Business Services

The Business Services section provides professional business and management support services to enable the organisation, with over 120 staff and multiple locations across the region, to function efficiently within statutory, financial and corporate governance frameworks. Miwatj Health has a proud record of achieving unqualified audit reports and meeting its compliance obligations.

As a rapidly growing organisation, Miwatj Health has introduced upgraded software for financial and human resource management, facilitating its ability to keep on top of change while still monitoring and acquitting over 40 separate grants. The emphasis placed by Miwatj Health on professionalism and high standards in this area has brought good results: Miwatj Health has achieved the best possible rating under the risk assessment process of the Commonwealth Government.

The main functions undertaken by Business Services are:

Financial Management

The experienced and qualified financial management team provides a complete range of services including reporting, accounts payable and receivable, preparation of budgets, financial statements for audit, grant reporting and acquittals and payroll administration, develop financial policies and procedures

Human Resource Management

This includes recruitment and staff selection; HR information management; enterprise agreement monitoring and negotiation; training; assessment and development of staff, complaints and grievances; performance management; workforce development; employee safety, wellness and motivation; and HR policy development.

Asset Management

This function includes management of all buildings and property including repairs & maintenance, office and staff accommodation requirements and minor new works, vehicle fleet, and Capital Works projects.

Information Technology

Tasks undertaken include the purchase of all hardware and software; operating a helpdesk and onsite IT support including support for users of the Communicare clinical information system; development of IT upgrades; development of an IT strategic plan for the future needs of the organization; and management of phone systems.

Document Management

The provision and maintenance of a comprehensive records management system; development of file storage, retrieval, disposal and archive protocols; and compliance with statutory records management requirements.

General Administration

Administration of all corporate insurance needs; contract management; and oversight of the legal requirements placed upon Miwatj.


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